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Re: Student Council....

Post  fnoo on Fri Apr 03, 2009 8:45 pm


since Bushra has been waiting for participationZ since I don't know when,

it kind of makes me think that this topic reflects how the girls feel about this council

there are several options :

1. they simply are Not interested..about anything....generally

2. they are frustrated or feel negative about how this council migth benefit them

3. they believe, as students who are graduating, that it doesn't matter to participate in anything in college since it will be over very soon InShaaAllah

I don't want to pass judgements about all the girls, but since nobody answered till now I thought I should say what's on my mind..

As for the Objectives Bushra,

even the girls who signed up for a leader's position didn't take quick steps towards achieveing their goals

I mean, it's not all chocolate & candies!!..pardon me

if you want the department to take you/us seriously, the potentail leaders should behave as thus

you should be ready to accept other's opinions and make them reach our "authorities"

these are just PARTS of what a leader's character should possess

+put in mind, if you really, trully, actually, Want to DO something, you should Act!

we're over talking here people because we've been through talking the last 3 years for God's sake


it might be our last term at college,

but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't care

it means the exact opposite actually,

we are the ones who should care the MOST

because we've gone through it ALL, and we know how it FEELS

And we are the Best in this field of making suggesions and viocing opinions

we have the experience !!

Well, this is how I feel..........

Rolling Eyes

a final word,

thank you Bushra

for your Concern

& your Generosity

I appreaciate your Intiativeness

May Allah grant you happiness

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Re: Student Council....

Post  Regina on Fri Apr 03, 2009 9:30 pm

Hello, Bushra ... fnoo.

The reason for not posting a reply till now is because I didn't know what to say. Truthfully ... I was waiting for the candidates to say a few words on the subject.

And since fnoo made the remark of no one taking the trouble of replying, this embarrassed me quite a lot & felt obligated to say what is on my mind ...

What we need to see in this collge is ACTION, people!!!! Not just words & promises of high hopes & change.
In all of our years in college we have been promised with nothing but false hopes.

If you think you're up to making a change, then you go for it. And show us what your potentials are. We will be behind you (or better yet ... beside you) all the way.

So grab the leash, guide us & take action! We will be there to support you.


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